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A third-generation Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, Meghan also offers Reiki and Intuition based services online and in-person in the Harrisburg area. They work to create and hold space for those who seek their own healing, growth, and truth

Guided Zoom Yoga

Morning Asana & Pranayama Practice

2023 TBA

Join us for movement and breath-work in this foundational Vinyasa class to build heat, increase flexibility, strength and mental clarity. We'll focus on core strength, flexibility, practicing balance with mindfulness and breath control. Expect warming asanas, sun salutations, flowing sequences that settle into deep stretches and cool downs into well deserved savasana. Each flow is catered to the Yogis that attend.

Monthly Guided Meditation

Third Mondays 6pm EST

Mediations for everyone and anyone, join me for a guided meditation to include guided visuals, breath work, singing bowls, drums, and channeled messages.

Limited in-person space and online access

Intuitive Readings

Psychic and Mediumship Readings

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Tarot Card Deck

Reiki Sessions

Intuitive Energy healing to support your bodies natural power and cultivate deep relaxation. 

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Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Utilizing Crystal Singing Bowls to create a mindscape for self reflection, connection, and healing.

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Online Meditation

Guided Mediation

In-person and online Meghan creates guided mediations that include reiki, singing bowls, and guided visualzation.

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